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What is Ozone?

Ozone is active oxygen, O3. It occurs naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere and protects us from the sun’s cancer-causing rays, in nature, it is produced by the suns ultraviolet light or by lightning-carona discharge.

How is Ozone superior to chlorine and bromine sanitation?

Ozone is vastly superior to chlorine and bromine due to the fact that it has a kill rate of around 5000 times that of chlorine and bromine and yet has none of the toxic long term medical side affects that chlorine and bromine do, chlorine is well documented as having carcinogenic properties (Cancer causing)as well as being responsible for respiratory, allergic, and many other problems.

I have a saltwater or mineral pool, isn't this chlorine free?

This is a common misconception, the salt or minerals in your pool are used to produce chlorine when pumped through an energised salt cell, the chlorine levels in a salt or mineral salts pool are the same as any other chlorine pool.

Does Ozone used for water purification affect the air we breathe?

The amount of Ozone produced by King Neptune Ozone Generators is sufficient for any domestic or commercial sanitizing requirement and once the job is done, it quickly reverts back to O2 and enters the atmosphere.

Will Ozone hurt me?

No! In the quantities necessary to be effective, Ozone is very gentle to humans and equipment, once it has done its work of sanitising the water, it immediately reverts back to O2 (Oxygen)

Why do you recommend VUV produced Ozone over Carona Discharge produced ozone?

We recommend VUV production over carona discharge for the following reason, VUV generated Ozone produces a very clean Medical Grade Ozone with no by products where as carona discharge ozone produces Nitric Acid in air that is not dried by specialised refrigeration drying units.This will not only eventually destroy the internal generator components but also produce undesirable quantities of corrosive Nitric Acid that can be harmful to people and fittings and equipment in pools and spas.

What ongoing maintenance is needed for my King Neptune Ozone Generator?

The King Neptune Ozone Generators require virtually no maintenance with the UV globe lifespan often exceeding 5 years with the effective output remaining at a minimum of 98% during the life of the bulb before it needs replacement.

Are all "Chlorine Free" systems truly chlorine free?

No they are not, there are some systems out there that make marketing statements such as “It’s not what you add, it’s what you take away!” and sell it as a “Freshwater Swimming Pool” yet in the fine print in the owners manual it actually states that a residual chlorine level of around 1.5ppm be maintained, yet in all the marketing content, this is not mentioned. Buyer beware, you may not actually be getting what you think you are!

Chlorine Free Ozone Pool System

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