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  • Basic pool care and common water balancing in Chlorine Free pools, SwimFresh

Basic pool care and common water balancing in Chlorine Free pools, SwimFresh

The water-balancing tests required in a SwimFresh pool are PH, TA and Copper and occassionally Calcium Hardness. Our chlorine free pools are eco friendly and easy to maintain all year round.

Perform these tests once a month and balance as required. In higher temperatures and heavy swimming loading you may test fortnightly. The maintenance output of copper will keep the residual stable. If Copper test result are low, increase the output level.

Always raise/or lower the TA before correcting the PH.

TA helps to stablise the PH.

Take your water samples from the pool at least 30cms below water level. Do not take samples from the top of the water as it will give you a different reading.

Every 6 months perform a Calcium Hardness test and adjust if necessary. Once calcium is added it remains stable and only comes out by dilution (from heavy rain and topping up with the hose). If there is insufficient calcium the water can start to look for calcium and begin to etch into the pool surface and cause damage to the surface.

Brush pool walls regularly, suggested monthly.

Remove leaves from skimmer boxes, especially if you have a lot of trees and gardens around the pool this will need to be done more regularly. Leaves left in a skimmer box will reduce water flow and thus affect pool sanitation.

Back wash Pool filter once a month onto the gardens and lawns the foliage will flourish from the Oxygen rich water.

If you have a cartridge filter this may need rinsing more often. If you do not clean the filter cartridge, it will begin to fill up with debris to a point that it may restrict the water flow in your pool. If this happens water cannot circulate. What happens to stagnate water.... it goes cloudy.

So it is very important to keep your filters clean.

Ozone is fantastic oxidizer it literally pulls all the fine particles out of the water resulting with exceptional crystal water clarity. Ozone kills bacteria, viruses and fungi 5000 times faster than chlorine and leaves no residue except Oxygen, and water that is extremely soft. That explains why every Olympic pool around the world uses Ozone sanitation. The European Olympic swimmers will not swim in anything other than Ozone because of the outstanding water quality.