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A Truly Chlorine  Free System for Pools and Spa's!

Produces water so safe you could drink it!


Healing Water Supplies are the Australian distributors of SwimFresh Chlorine Free Pools.

As a result of 30 years of research and development, SwimFresh has now been launched on to the Australian market, with un paralleled build quality & swimming pool water clarity, SwimFresh OSP is truly “Setting The Silver Standard” for pool sanitation systems. For over 30 years, we have set the standard for pool and spa Ozone water purification systems that keep Australian families healthy, refreshed and invigorated. SwimFresh pool and spa water is so pure and natural; it really is like swimming in silk. Combining three natural sanitisers – Ozone , Colloidal silver & Copper ions – SwimFresh’s range of Oxy Silver Purifiers sets the silver standard in supercharged oxygenated water for health, vitality and refreshment. Because SwimFresh is designed and manufactured right here in Australia, it is the most superior Swimming Pool purification system on the market, engineered to suit our exacting standards and unique conditions. You’ll feel the SwimFresh difference from the moment you immerse yourself in pure, energised, oxygenated water.

The innovative “Silver Cellerator” Automatically produces a natural bactericide and algaecide that safely sanitises water to the highest health standards, SwimFresh Ozone is one of the most powerful Sanitizers and Oxidizers on the market where the Ozone gas produced form the OSP has an effective kill rate on waterborne viruses, bacteria and fungi at approximately 5000 times faster than chlorine, the only residue left in the pool is water that is super saturated in oxygen and drinking water amounts of colloidal silver and copper ions. Unlike other systems on the market, SwimFresh produces no chlorine whatsoever making it a truly revolutionary unique system, nothing compares in quality of design and purity of water produced tried & tested Australia wide with outstanding results, truly producing crystal clear “Water So Safe You Could Drink It”

Ozone and colloidal silver for invigoration and health.

Ozone is activated oxygen O3 when immersed in pure ozonated water, the extra oxygen molecule (O3) penetrates the body at an intracellular level, flooding it with oxygen.
As a result, you’ll be left feeling more refreshed and more alive than ever before.

It is a known fact that since 1984 every Olympic pool throughout the world is using Ozone Sanitation because the European Olympic swimmers will not swim in anything else but Ozone. The water treated with Ozone is extremely soft & pleasurable to swim in.

  • Chlorine, bromine and salt free
  • No damage to pool equipment and surfaces
    Helps promote healing of skin rashes, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and cuts
  • Skin and hair feel soft, many people say it feels like your swimming in silk
  • Gentle on the eyes with no smell or taste
  • No fading of swimwear
  • No need to shower after swimming
  • Ozone leaves a crystal blue tint in the water and oxygen bubbles that are visible to the eye
  • Reuse the water onto gardens and lawns as Ozone encourages healthy foliage and growth
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia by wholly owned Australian company with over 30 years in pool and spa water treatment.
  • Ozone is Ph neutral therefore maintaining water chemistry balances is far easier

Click here for The SwimFresh OSP Brochure OSP Consumer Brochure_v2019

Healing Water Supplies for chlorine free, fresh water pools

We will go totally out of our way to ensure that you receive the best service, price and advice both during the ordering/sale process and after the sale.

For all DIY pool builders, we provide design and consultation in all aspects of plumbing and pool equipment.

Swimfresh Warranty Information

  • SwimFresh Unit: 7 years warranty
  • Ozone Injection Manifold & Ionization Cell (Not including Electrodes) 7 Years full warranty.
  • Ozone Lamp Modules, Tygon Ozone Tubing, Ozone Non Return Valve:12 month’s full warrantee
  • The OSP “Oxy Silver Generator” is manufactured from a marine grade aluminium & powder coated cabinet with a quality jandy valve ozone injection manifold with super duplex 316 grade stainless steel fittings, hard anodised ozone connections.
  • The Ionisation block is in a blow moulded UV stabilised Acrylic with super duplex 316 grade stainless steel connections.
  • The unit includes Grasslin timer, aircraft quality switches & digital display.
  • The SwimFresh System is simple & very easy to use
  • The quality of this unit has been built to a commercial standard and built to last 35+ years.
 POOL CAPACITY (LITRES)  20,000 – 50,000  50,000 – 100,000  100,000 – 150,000
 DIMENSION (MM)  310 w x 600 h x 120 d  310 w x 600 h x 120 d  310 w x 600 h x 120 d
 OZONE OUTPUTS (MG/L)  3.5  7.0  7.0
 VOLTAGE (VOLTS)  230 / 250  230 / 250  230 / 250
 POWER INPUTS (WATTS)  65  110  150
 FREQUENCY (HERTZ)  50 / 60  50 / 60  50 / 60
 OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE (˚C)  –10˚ to 55˚C  –10˚ to 55˚C  –10˚ to 55˚C
 SILVER CELLERATOR OUTPUT  Silver + Copper Ions  Silver + Copper Ions  2 x Silver + Copper Ions

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