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HIA awards Nomination home and SwimFresh pool

SwimFresh pool in Napier Street, Cottesloe has been nominated Metropolitan HIA Awards nomination - Renovation and Addition (700,000 and above) category.

This magnificently built pool boasts of a lovely exposed pool glass wall with quality easy care surrounds.

The soft feel of the water saturated with the healing affects of oxygen compliment the beautiful peaceful environment. A fine stream of oxygen bubbles gently stream out of the jets creating a pool that is alive with oxygen. Swimming with Ozone is truly a remarkable experience, there is nothing like it, soft and moisturizing. No dry skin feeling or tacky hair from chlorine, just pure water.

One “proof in the pudding” test that can be done on the SwimFresh pool is “ you can conduct a Chlorine free pools test and be guaranteed there is no chlorine whatsoever present, nor will any be required to be added, EVER”

There are other Fresh water systems that are available on the market today, that unfortunately claim their system does not require chlorine to be added, yet the very system itself produces chlorine and if you test with a chlorine test kit you will have a positive result. However it is not so with SwimFresh, run a test for Chlorine and you will definitely NOT find any. It is Australia’s only truly chlorine free, natural fresh water pool.

SwimFresh measurable oxidation is pure Ozone, Silver and Ozone Activator. Not only are these substances efficient and powerful oxidizers and sanitizers but they are also anti fungal and anti bacterial, healing any skin conditions and wounds. This reason alone is why hundreds and thousands all around Australia are choosing SwimFresh for their Swimming pool sanitation system.

HIA awards Nomination home and SwimFresh pool-1HIA awards Nomination home and SwimFresh pool-2

The SwimFresh Experience is all about the look and the feel of the crystal clear water. Not only is it the most effective sanitizer it has no harmful side effects to neither to the swimmer nor the environment. SwimFresh pool water can be safely used in the garden as the plants and lawns flourish from the highly oxygenated water. Not only the gardens benefits but also your body will experience the healing effects of oxygen every time you swim in the SwimFresh pool. Children, babies and grandkids in the peak of summer, swim all day, every day, and if they drink the water, it will do them good not harm. It is safe swimming at its best.

The Ophthalmologist (Eye Specialist) Doctor who owns this HIA awards nominated property finds great satisfaction knowing her family is swimming in water that heals.

The maintenance on the Swimfresh pool is simple and stable, providing more time for leisure and relaxation.

This Cottesloe home was built and designed by Tallwood Contructions specialising in architecturally designed custom-built homes, renovations, extensions and commercial projects, this home and pool has reached far above any expectation in design & appeal.

The magnificient blue colour of the pool lights up the entertainment area beautifully creating a sense of peace and tranquillity.

SwimFresh equipment so proudly lifts the pool pump house area with its outstanding quality and presentation. The Ozone Generator unit houses the control centre of the system. The standard of materials used in construction of the ozone generator are of top quality commercial grade - Powder coated marine grade aluminium with hard-anodised connections. You never see this quality in any residential pool sanitiser on the market today, they are either a metal or plastic box. The ionisation block is acrylic that has been blow moulded and UV stabilised. The SwimFresh system is built to last 35+ years and will out last any other system on the market today.

Every SwimFresh owner is very pleased with their purchase in its outstanding performance and quality presentation. Find out today by contacting the Swimfresh team on how you can become the next owner of a SwimFresh Chlorine free pool.