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Natural Swimming Pools Australia

Natural Pools have been Isaac technologies specialty since 1987.
They have not manufacturedanything other than Ozone fresh water, true chlorine free pools.

The History of SwimFresh and its development

In the early days the manufacturers of SwimFresh began with Ozone generation with a low level chlorine feeder to santise the water, which gave fantastic results, the Ozone removed any chlorine smells and taste. These pools tested less in chlorine than the municipality tap water. We then progressed to using Ozone with peroxide, which is a liquid form of Ozone. The liquid ozone would coat the ozone gas and keep it suspended in the water. This program is very favourable on small pools and spas, however in larger pools it could be quite expensive in ozone chemical costs. This then lead to the progression of using Ozone with copper & silver ionisation. This now results in using no ozone chemicals at all during the cooler months and the use of Ozone Activator & Ozone Accelerator during the swimming season.

SwimFresh System is truly the most natural pool in Australia. It will never require any chlorine supplementation at all. When the pools require any additional shock treatment from heavy bather loading Ozone Activator is added (chlorine free Oxygen based shock treatment).


Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer and disinfectant known to man. It is 55 times more powerful than chlorine and reacts 3,000 – 5,000 times faster than chlorine. During the swimming season the pool pump runs approximately 8 hours a day depending on pool size and pump & filter flow rates. All swimming pool guidelines recommend that you must turn the full volume of pool water past the filter and sanitiser at least twice a day. During winter when there are no swimmers the pool, the pump can run as little as 1 or 2 hours a day. In the swimming season the pool pump must run during the day when swimmers are present in the pool, this is recognized as best pool care practice for all types of pools to ensure on- going sanitisation and disinfection. When the pump is running Ozone is constantly being produced and released consistently into the water. The Ozone generator displays a blue light when running and Ozone bubbles are visible at the pool jets. When the pump turns off we know and have laboratory proof that there is residual Ozone present for up to 10 hours after.

Inclusive to this, we also add Ozone Activator (an APVMA approved Oxygen based oxidiser) as a residual oxidiser during the swimming season. For every 10,000litres of water 100gms is added monthly or fortnightly depending on bather load, this can be tested using test strips, Total ozone chemical costs approximately $100 - $300 per year.

Ozone Activator is present as the residual, also Colloidal silver is present as a bactericide and copper is present as the algaecide.

The SwimFresh Ozone Pool is saturated with millions of oxygen bubbles. The Ozone is very visible leaving a crystal blue tint to the water that can be seen against white surfaces such as in the skimmer box. In summary there are a synergy of 4 measurable natural substances consistently present in the SwimFresh System – Ozone - Silver - Copper - Ozone Activator (added)

The amount of ozone gas produced and released into the water is very safe. SwimFresh is UV Ozone which is the safest Ozone used as it does not have any by products. Corona Discharge (CD) is Ozone created by an electrical discharge - this CD Ozone produces a by-product called Nitric Acid, this is corrosive to pool fittings this must be removed from the water. Swimfresh is not CD Ozone. The SwimFresh System utilises Ozone, which is created by UV, it works by taking oxygen from the air, passing it through a chamber and exposing it to UV Light. The UV generated ozone gas is then injected into the pool. During this process, the Ozone formed is pure medical grade Ozone containing NO by-products such as nitric acid. Therefore UV generated Ozone gas does not need to be removed from the water.

Is Ozone safe?

SwimFresh Ozone system designed and used in pool sanitation yes it is extremely safe.
All natural spring water is purified by Ozone before being bottled and sold.

Ozone Generators are used to treat household drinking water, they are very popular and sold throughout the world.Ozone is used medically by intravenous methods and topically.

Ozone kills cancer and viruses. See links below.
Many health clinics around the world use ozone for treatment of cancer and virus related diseases because of its amazing healing properties.

See the MarinusKlinic link in Germany below See Videos of Ozone treatment on patients cleaning the blood by saturating it with Ozone at Ozone Hospitals. More Ozone facts See link below:

Ozone Kills gardia and cryptosporidium which are common public pool parasites, chlorine does not effectively kill such parasites unless used at 40ppm (normal chlorine levels are usually between 2 -5ppm)

Ozone is used extensively in public pools throughout the world. Every Olympic pool since 1984 is using ozone sanitation alongside chlorination, due to its high oxidative properties and its ability to kill gardia and cryptosporidium.

Ozone is used widely and extensively around the world in commercial and residential pools.

Australian Laws require all Commercial pools to be installed with a chlorine injection system. An Ozone Generator unit can be added to the commercial system, resulting in a reduction of chlorine use by more than half. Ozone removes chlorine smells and taste and is an excellent addition to any chlorine pool.

Hide Away Haven Albany is a 5 star bed and breakfast and have been using the SwimFresh Ozone Generator unit with the King Neptune Ozone Chemicals on their spa for 15 years.
As it is a public spa, they have received an exemption from using Chlorine from the WA Health department, and allowed  to use the King Neptune chlorine free program.

However in the domestic residential pool arena, you can choose any sanitation equipment to achieve a true natural pool.
SwimFresh is the only true natural pool in Australia with years of history, research and development.

SwimFresh anodes are Australian made containing a higher silver composition than any other ioniser on the market.

SwimFresh is a unique system, utilising 2 technologies that have been used and proven for over 30 years to treat drinking water and sanitise pools and spas.

Any questions please do not hesitate to call us directly.
The confidence in our product shows in the numerous clientele ranging from Politicians, Doctors, Specialists, Surgeons, Pilots and a vast array of professionals and Mining Magnates.

SwimFresh is an Australian trusted brand. Australian made and Australian Owned for the last 30 years.