Naturals Swimming Pools

There is a huge advertisement push on natural pools across the swimming pool industry today, many systems claim to be natural but when you ask what is the sanitation substance that kills bacteria- the answer is chlorine. They hide this fact under a mirage of statements such as - mineral pools… freshwater swimming …magnesium …..salt water pool… natural pool ….mountain stream….All these statements allude to a fresh water pool but the real fact is each and every one of these systems are using chlorine to kill the bacteria. The harsh effects of chlorine will erode pools blankets, deteriorates bathers and shortens the life of pool equipment and pool surfaces. These systems cannot back wash the filter water onto the gardens due to the high levels of salt and chlorine.

SwimFresh is the only true natural Chlorine Free swimming pool system in the market today using Ozone to kill bacteria ...And the filter water can be back washed onto the garden and lawns without any harm but rather the opposite - the plants love the oxygenated water, the Ozone water encourages healthy foliage and growth.

Ozone kills bacteria, algae, viruses & fungi 5000 times faster than chlorine, it is one of the most powerful oxidisers and sanitisers known to man.
Ozone saturates the water with high levels of oxygen.
Ozone is Ph neutral therefore maintaining water chemistry balances is far easier.
Ozone gives a crystal bluish tint to the water and saturates the water with millions of micro bubbles that are visible to the eye.
Oxygen is a natural healer. The high level of oxygen in the water heals cuts, skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.
The skin and hair feel softer much softer after swimming and there is no need to wash bathers after swimming as there is no harsh chemicals, no smell or taste.
SwimFresh sanitised water will not deteriorate pool equipment like chlorine systems, and will therefore greatly prolong the life of all swimming pool equipment including cleaners and other associated equipment.
Ozonated water is extremely soft and moisturising, many customers have said the water feels like silk and swimwear last longer too.

SwimFresh Ozone when combined with Copper and Silver Ionisation provides the ultimate swimming experience, the water is very safe as the Ozone fills the pool with oxygen, it is also supplemented by the silver ionisation system which provides an ongoing residual algaecide & bactericide.
Colloidal Silver is a bactericide, Ozone is the main sanitiser and Colloidal Copper is the algicide, all three are being produced automatically by the Oxy Silver generator.

SwimFresh can be used in all pools and spas. There is a size and configuration that suits any size pool or spa and can be retrofitted into any existing pool or spa system. The usual pool circulation pump and media filter is required for SwimFresh System. The SwimFresh System is installed after the filter and can be used with heating systems as well. If there is a heat pump in the circulation line the SwimFresh will be installed directly after the heat pump.

The SwimFresh system is built to last 35 + years and is engineered to a commercial standard.

All sanitation systems on the market today are built to last 8 - 12years and are thrown away and replaced with a new system. Not so with the SwimFresh systems the same ozone systems installed back in the 1990’s are still going.

These cheaper chlorine, salt, mineral systems will cost much more in the longer run as you would need to replace 3 new units before even considering a replacement on a Swimfresh Unit in a 35 year cycle.

While requiring a larger initial outlay than chlorine or salt sanitation systems, SwimFresh® OSP systems will save their owners significant time and money, sanitising your pool 5000 times faster than chlorine and the back wash water can be reused on the garden. The savings are seen in the prolonged life of your pool equipment and pool surfaces not to mention your own health. Cleaners and pool blankets will last much longer as there no deterioration from harsh chlorinated and salt water. The SwimFresh systems have been designed and engineered to last for 35 years to shield from all weather conditions backed with a 7 Year Warranty. The OSP systems will have you feeling more invigorated, healed and energised than ever before. Call SwimFresh to enquire further.