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Pool Show in Perth - SwimFresh Chlorine Free Systems

SwimFresh Chlorine Free System has another showdown at the Pool Show in Perth Recently.

The SPASA WA Pool, Outdoor and Spa Expo was held at Claremont Showgrounds with an amazing turn out in the SwimFresh stand all weekend. The highest quality chlorine free system that stands heads and shoulders above any other system on the market had the greatest response from people genuinely wanting a true chlorine free system that will not produce chlorine or need any addition of chlorine.

All weekend, people were lining up outside the stand waiting to talk to Leith and Jutta regarding the amazing benefits of this Natural water System

Looking at all the sanitation equipment on the market today - these systems only have a life span of approximately 8 to 10 years maybe 12 years if you are lucky before it needs to be thrown away and replaced with a new unit. Not so with SwimFresh - SwimFresh has been built to last - you will never throw away this unit, marine grade aluminium, powder coated, stainless fittings and hard anodised connections, the internals built with quality mechanisms, this unit only requires replacement consumables every 2-3 years for the anodes and approximately  7 years for Ozone modules.

This pool below in Applecross is a large 120,000 litre pool incorporating a SwimFresh OSP100 and OP100 for extra ozone saturation. The large size of this pool, the infinity edge and the black tiled surface is no challenge for the SwimFresh System, the circulation runs the usual 8 to 10 hours in summer and 4 to 6 hours in winter. Water is crystal clear and pool balancing is easy to maintain due to the neutral PH range of the SwimFresh System.

Contact Leith today on 0408 899 735 today to get your obligation free quote & we can personally talk you through our SwimFresh pool system. SwimFresh for Sparkling Vitality.

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