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Unpleasant Smells in Spas and Pools

In Chlorine pools when mixed with organic substances like sweat, makeup, urine, sunscreen & body oils it forms compounds called chloramines. These have a strong chlorine smell and can be irritating to swimmers in fact, they are one of the causes of “red eye” sometimes called “combined chlorine” and these are not desirable forms of chlorine. They are comparatively weak sanitizers and oxidizers, not to mention the discomfort they cause.

Normally, if you have a strong chlorine smell, or say, a foamy spa, there are chloramines present. To get rid of them, you need to add more chlorine. This seems to run against common sense, but it’s true. It is part of a complicated subject called breakpoint chlorination, but just to keep things simple, we’ll just say that the additional chlorine eats up the combined chlorine. Nitrogen and chlorine then just gas off, leaving behind cleaner freshwater systems.

Ozone Generators used in conjunction with Chlorine Injection systems are advantageous because they remove all chloramines from the pool by oxidation thus leaving fresher water without that irritation you get from swimming in chlorinated pools. Hence why so many public pools around the world are using Ozone sanitation along side the chlorine sanitation systems. The Olympic committee has recognized this benefit; therefore every Olympic pool constructed is fitted with an Ozone Generator System. read more

Since Ozone is such a powerful oxidizer, any chloramines present are quickly oxidized. None are left in the pool water to bother young children and adults alike. That’s good news for everyone taking a swim in your pool. The SwimFresh team can retro fit an Ozone Generator to any existing chlorine or salt system, which will allow you to turn the chlorine output down, chlorine can be kept at 0.5 - 1ppm when used with an Ozone generator. There will be no smell of chlorine and no irritation to the skin and eyes.

Ozone makes the water feel softer and brings healing to the skin. Ozone heals dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. If children drink the water it will not harm them. A better option in pool sanitation that will benefit the whole family.

SwimFresh is Ozone combined with another technology, which completely removes the need for chlorine. SwimFresh can be retrofitted to any existing pool system; the SwimFresh System would replace the existing chlorinator completely.

In a Fresh water pool or Fresh water spa, if the Ph and Total alkalinity are not corrected, the unbalanced chemistry can cause the water have a slight off smell, if this happens you need to correct the ph and Alkalinity and run the Ozone System longer to restore freshness again. Unbalanced Ph and Total alkalinity levels are like a frozen environment, it will not let allow any sanitser to work efectively that includes all sanitisers such as Ozone, chlorine or salt chlorination. Correct Ph and Alkalinity balances allow the sanitisers to work at their best effectively.
The SwimFresh team can supply or adapt to any pool system to make your pool have a clearer, more sparkling healthy look, with no undesirable smells. The SwimFresh team can coach and train you to look after your pool correctly or they can provide regular and casual pool servicing. Just call a SwimFresh team near you for any information, equipment, service or advise.

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