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Winter Mode - Freshwater Pools

If you are thinking to switch off your pool equipment over winter to save money on electricity and chemical costs, Not a good move. Freshwater that does not circulate will be stagnate and then become a haven for bacteria etc.  Not only will you run the risk of damaging filtration and sanitation systems but this can also stain your pool surface. It is a costly and time-consuming process to bring back a green pool than just put the pool into winter mode, the cost of winter mode is way less than totally turning it off and then restoring a green pool. Also water has a memory and once a pool goes green it can turn green much easier again, as the algae spores are still present. these spores must be destroyed by super shocking with extra chemicals (even up to 4 times the normal dose).

Preparing your pool for winter saves money as it will help maintain surface finishes and water quality, ensuring an easy transition into summer. SwimFresh pools are easily set into the winter mode as the copper is kept at 0.5ppm provides the algaecide. The top timer on the Swimfresh unit controls the Circulation pump, this can be turned down to 3 or 4 hours (depending on size on pool).

Check and balance PH ( keep at 7.5) and Alkaline levels (keep between 80 - 1200ppm)  every month/ bimonthly and check especially after rain. As rain dilutes all substances in water and changes Ph and alkaline.

Brushing the walls and floor, and then vacuuming the whole pool on a regular basis will prevent algae from forming. Remove leaves and garden debris from the skimmer baskets and the pump’s lint basket will also ensure the filtration system works efficiently.

Back wash media filters or rinse cartridge elements regularly. Use the SwimFresh water on the gardens and lawns as the plants and lawns love the oxygenated water.

If you don't have an automatic controller on your solar pool heating system, manually switch it to Winter Mode.

We all tend to ignore our pools a little in winter as it is so cold we are rarely thinking about the pool at all.

Also during winter there is generally not enough heat to cause evaporation and there is not enough thermal heat to warm water so it is best to leave the pool cover off as it serves no purpose during winter. This way you can see what is really going on and if there is any change with the water you can see it and act staight away rather than the water being hidden under the pool blanket and you not knowing how it is looking. Plus looking at on to the blue water is always visually satisfying.  

For all of your chemical fresh water pool

Enjoy the view!

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Winter Mode - Freshwater Pools-2

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