Healing water supplies

Ozone Facts

Ozone History

Often people say “where is Ozone used, I haven’t heard of Ozone water treatments”

The history of Ozone use dates back as far as 1840 and has been used to purify water and treat patients for more than 160 years. Some major cities in Europe have used ozone to purify the municipal water supply since the turn of the century. The Los Angeles municipal water treatment facility uses ozone, and is the largest in the world. Most swimming pools in Europe use ozone rather than chlorine to purify water. It has been known for at least 100 years that ozone is highly germicidal in that it will almost instantly kill virtually all viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, molds, cancer, etc. It is known to oxidize just about all man made chemicals also.

So, since 1933, the AMA and the FDA have done everything in their power to prevent ozone therapy from being used or even known about, in order to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical industry and promote the practices of the membership of the AMA.

These days, the FDA and the giant pharmaceuticals have interlocking directorships. People are working, and taking money, from both sides, while still supposedly maintaining their impartiality.

Most negative information on the Internet regarding ozone seems to be derived from large corporations in conjunction with government bodies to protect their vested interests.

SwimFresh’s range of Oxy Silver Purifiers sets the silver standard in supercharged oxygenated water for health, vitality and refreshment.

SwimFresh Ozone is one of the most powerful Sanitisers and Oxidisers on the market with an effective kill rate on waterborne viruses, bacteria and all other nasties at around 5000 times faster than chlorine, whilst leaving only super oxygenated water and colloidal copper and silver ions.

Unlike other systems on the market, SwimFresh produces no chlorine whatsoever making it a truly revolutionary unique system, nothing compares in quality of design and purity of water produced Tried & tested Australia wide with outstanding results, truly producing crystal clear “Water So Safe You Could Drink It”

Ozone Applications

Some Ozone Applications for air and water treatment are:

For advice on any of these Ozone applications, please contact us.

Ozone for Horticulture & Industry

Our Ozone Generators are also used in a variety of Horticultural and Industrial applications including Hydroponics, Mushroom Farms, Sterilising Plants in Wineries, Postharvest Sanitation, Truck Washdown Water Recycling Units (Used by Toll Fleet, Welshpool WA) that kill most harmful Pathogens including Jarrah Dieback (Phytophthora cinnamomi) that are easily spread by vehicles in affected areas, Commercial Laundry Applications that reduce detergents and eliminate the need for toxic whitening agents.

Ozone is one of the most effective bactericides known.  The use of ozone in hydroponics farming has become well recognised for its effectiveness in controlling waterborne diseases caused by fungi, pathogenic bacteria, viruses and organochlorines.  These disease causing microbes can greatly reduce plant growth and yields, or even destroy a whole crop.

The SwimFresh ozone system purifies the water by injecting ozone directly into the holding tank or nutrient reservoir, in the water, excess ozone will break down into oxygen and super oxygenate the nutrient solution.  This promotes rapid healthy root development, plant growth and higher yields, the injected ozone is not harmful to the beneficial aerobic bacteria that thrive in an oxygen rich environment.

The high output, heavy duty design and unrivalled build quality has proven the King Neptune Ozone Generator to be the most reliable, efficient and affordable low maintenance solution for hydroponics use.

Install a SwimFresh ozone system on your holding tanks, nutrient mixing tanks and produce rinsing set ups for chemical free sanitation.

SwimFresh Ozone Generators can be used in any application where Ozone Sanitation is suitable, if you think that our Ozone Generators can benefit you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.