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SwimFresh OP Ozone Purifier

The SwimFresh Ozone OP Synergistic System eliminates the use of chlorine chemicals. The SwimFresh OP system is a combination the SwimFresh OP Ozone generators and chlorine free products called Ozone Accelerator, Ozone Clear and Ozone Activator.

The Ozone Gas produced by the Ozone Purifier Generator Unit is one of the most powerful Sanitizers and Oxidizers on the market, this ozone gas has an effective kill rate on waterborne viruses, bacteria and fungi at approximately 5000 times faster than chlorine, using the OP Ozone generators supplemented with the ongoing residual of Ozone Accelerator which works in conjunction with the Ozone gas sanitises the pool effectively, you have the ultimate 100% Fresh Water system for your pool or spa. The Ozone gas produced from the Ozone Generator can kill protozoa such as gardia and cryptosporidium organisms where chlorine does not effectively kill these organisms unless used at extraordinary amounts of 20,000ppm to 40,000ppm which renders the pool not swimmable till chlorine levels drop back to the recommended range of 4000ppm – 5000ppm readings. Many chlorinated commercial pools around the world use Ozone generators to benefit from the powerful gardia and crypto kill rate of the ozone gas and also for its ability to remove chloramines effectively.

Healing Water Supplies in conjunction with Isaac Technologies has spent many years developing and testing it’s Ozone Synergistic System which is combination of Ozone generation and the use of Ozone Accelerator, Ozone Activator and Ozone Clear so that you can use your spa or pool with complete peace of mind knowing that you are having a healthy experience one which is as close to what mother nature intended.

Our 100% Freshwater, chlorine free system which incorporates the use of the SwimFresh OP Ozone Purifier Generator in combination with the APVMA registered products Ozone Accelerator, Ozone Clear and Ozone Activator have been used in domestic pools across Australia since the late 1980’s with many happy clients boasting of the ability to swim chlorine free especially for those who suffer adverse reactions to chlorine.

Treat yourself by swimming chlorine free and experience the amazing health benefits of Ozone.

The 3 main products that are used in Swimming Pools and Spas are:


Ozone Accelerator

This is the main sanitizer and is available in a 5 or 15Lt or 20L container and works in conjunction with the Ozone gas produced by the OP Ozone Purifier, the “Liquid Ozone” coast the ozone gas and keeps it in the water which can be tested by using One Accelerator test strips. SwimFresh Ozone Accelerator 50% strength gives you far greater value for money than any other product on the market which are at 15% strength only. This powerful oxidiser used in conjunction with the Ozone gas from the Ozone Purifier unit sanitises water, killing bacteria, fungi, algae & viruses effectively. High levels of oxygen have health and healing properties, wounds heal, the ozone will not affect skin rashes but rather heal them. Skin and hair feel incredibly soft, there is no smell, no taste, bathing costumes will not deteriorate. Ozone Accelerator is a liquid form of Oxygen that coats the Ozone gas created by the Ozone Generator and keeps it in the water for longer and is measurable by using Ozone Accelerator Test Strips.

Ozone Clear

Available in 300ml, 1Litre, 2 or 5 Litre sizes-Agglomerates smaller particles to larger filterable masses, used as a clarifier. Reduces body fats and oils in water. Retards algae growth. Kills bacteria and other micro organisms.

Ozone Activator

Available in 1kg or 10 Kg sizes – This is a very powerful natural oxidiser which eliminates fats, oils, suntans lotions & swimmers waste etc leaving you with crystal clear water every time. Ozone Activator is a good oxygen shock used especially during high temperatures and high bather loads. Great to shock pool after a pool party with this non chlorine product.

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