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What is SwimFresh’s Oxidation Residual

There are a synergy of 5 natural substances consistently present in the SwimFresh System    

1) Ozone
2) Colloidal Copper
3) Colloidal Silver
4) Accelerator (Liquid oxygen sanitiser and oxidiser)
5) Activator (Oxygen based oxidiser in a granular form)
(no chlorine added, no chlorine is produced in SwimFresh)

We clearly state exactly what is in your SwimFresh sanitised water.

Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer and disinfectant known to man. It is 55 times more powerful than chlorine and reacts 3,000 – 5,000 times faster than chlorine in the water.

Ozone Life in water: During the swimming season the pool pump runs 8 hours a day. According to health standards, you must turn over the volume of pool water through the filter and sanitiser system twice a day.  The pool pump must run during the day when swimmers are present in the pool; this is the best practice for all types of pools. When the pump is running Ozone is constantly being produced and released into the water. The Blue light on the machine shows it is active. When the pump turns off we know and have laboratory proof that the ozone is still there up to 10 hours after. Inclusive to this, we also add Ozone Activator and Ozone Accelerator as an oxidiser residual during the swimming season; these are used monthly or fortnightly depending on bather load and remain in the water consistently between applications. We have test strips to prove the oxidation residuals. And in addition to this, you only swim whilst the pump is running which also has the powerful oxidiser – Ozone being produced and released into the pool consistently. When the pump is off - Ozone Activator, Ozone Accelerator, copper and silver are present as the residuals which can be measured & tested. Ozone is also present.

Ozone Kills Gardia and Cryptosporidium which are commonly known public pool parasites; chlorine does not effectively kill such parasites unless applied at a rate of 20ppm + which is 5-6 times the normal chlorine level of a chlorine-based pool.

Ozone is used extensively in public pools throughout the world. Every Olympic pool since 1984 is using ozone sanitation alongside low-level chlorination, due to its high oxidative properties and its ability to kill Gardia and Cryptosporidium.

A SwimFresh Ozone Pool is saturated in Ozone with no residual of chlorine.

Ozone is very visible; the water is saturated with millions of oxygen bubbles,

As Ozone is produced and injected into the water millions of microbubbles are constantly saturating the water for 8 hours whilst the pump is running and still present for up to 10 hours afterwards. These 5 oxidising substances are present in the water providing 24 hours residual in the pool. These substances can be tested and are proven.

This page below explains in detail each sanitation system on the market

Ozone explained

There are many "so claimed experts” that do not do not know our system, they are not educated on Ozone nor are they aware of the Ozone Accelerator and Ozone Activator which are APVMA approved Oxygen based oxidisers.

Unfortunately, there is a biased statement coming from one of our competitors.

This competitor has a “Compare" page on their website which slanders every product on the market (un-ethically)

They advertise a freshwater system which is factually - a low level salt water chlorinator with ionisation.  Their “oxidiser" is chlorine, they mislead the public to believe their system is fresh water.. by saying “No added chlorine”, but their system produces chlorine. What are they using to kill bacteria and oxidise the water? The answer is chlorine, but they do not advertise that.

SwimFresh has 5 oxidising & sanitising (chlorine free) substances that are present in the water providing 24 hours residual in the pool. These substances can be measured and tested.

Also, note that this particular competitor states that they have an NSF Accreditation which is American, not Australian and if you have lots of money anyone can get this accreditation. Truly, this means nothing, if you have money you can get any Chlorinator system accredited. When this accreditation was done it involved an independent trial test which was conducted on their system, during the test the ORP (which is chlorine in this case) was at 760 ORP which indicates a highly chlorinated pool, most chlorine-based pools run at an ORP of around 650 ORP.

This document is available to the public. So to say that their system is a freshwater system is very misleading. This a company that withholds the truth about their own product and yet then slanders every opposition product on the market with bias and half-truth statements,  can you trust a company like this?

This competitor does not know our system, they are not educated on Ozone nor are they aware of the Ozone Accelerator and Ozone Activator which are APVMA approved Oxygen based oxidisers. We do not believe in mentioning any other opposition company as we believe it is unethical however our hand has been forced to address this issue as they have made false claims about SwimFresh on their website.

We have been manufacturing and installing Fresh Water systems on pools and spas since 1987 and understand the freshwater program extremely well, and we are still going strong over 30 years later.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to call us directly. We provide free phone pool care service to every client using our system. That’s good old fashioned family service providing support on all pool equipment & pool care.

Enjoy swimming confidently in pure oxygenated water that is totally chlorine free and loaded with health and healing benefits.