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1 February 2017

Ozone and its uses around the world

Since 1984 every Olympic pool including the main Olympic pool at Homebush Stadium in Sydney, NSW uses Ozone as their primary water sanitization method. But why?

15 June 2016

Ozone Facts and Misconceptions

The history of Ozone use dates back as far as 1840 and has been used to purify water and treat patients for more than 160 years. Some major cities in Europe have used ozone to purify the municipal water supply since the turn of the century.

4 March 2016

Basic pool care and common water balancing in Chlorine Free pools

Ozone is fantastic oxidizer it literally pulls all the fine particles out of the water resulting with exceptional crystal water clarity. Ozone kills bacteria, viruses and fungi 5000 times faster than chlorine and leaves no residue except Oxygen, and water that is extremely soft.